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Note: It is assumed that attendees know how to chart on the SCC and/or read a SCC.

1. Elements of a Timing: $100 for 1.5 CEUs

Abstract & Objectives: 

So many behavior analysts have read about the essentials of Precision Teaching.  They find value in the technology and want to incorporate it into their practices.  Yet, there seems to be a missing link between the written text and the actual application.  Too many practitioners have sat in the chair with a client and felt completely lost, even after reading stacks of books and articles about PT.  We believe that the trade "secrets" of experienced precision teachers need to be visually demonstrated to help disseminate our technology and an isolated workshop at a conference will not do it justice!  In this webinar, Elements of a Timing, we will focus on the key components before, during, and after a timing.  After this webinar, you will come to appreciate the multi-tasking, or rapid task-switching occurring while playing the role of a precision teacher.   The essential elements include engagement, reinforcement, measuring behavior, timing behavior, and charting frequencies.  Attendees will be able to define a PT timing, differentiate between coaching and praise, deliver prompts within or before timings, read a timings chart, and label important communicate notes on a timings chart. 

LIVE WEBINARS (recorded webinars coming soon!)

Friday, April 17, 2015  2:00pm EST:  Click here to register

Saturday, April 18, 2015  11:00am EST: Click here to register