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Rachel - 1st grade, 60-hour Reading enrollment

Kerri Milyko, Ph.D. BCBA

It was the 4th quarter of 1st grade and my husband and I heard those dreadful words ….. we believe your daughter should repeat the 1st grade.  We were told that she just wasn’t ready to move on academically and we should seriously consider holding her back.  We were devastated.  We are both very active parents in the education of our children and took the news a little personally, like we failed our daughter in some way.  She struggled throughout the year but managed to receive mostly As and Bs with one C.  We were also told on many occasions … “don’t worry, that 1st grade teacher is pretty tough”.  Our daughter worked very hard and even landed herself a spot on the honor roll during the 3rd quarter.  We kept asking ourselves, how in the world can she go for being on the honor roll to needing to repeat the 1st grade?


Although we knew that school wasn’t an easy task for our daughter, we were active in assisting the teacher by working with her at home every chance we could.  We recognized during the 4th quarter that Rachel was getting frustrated and uncooperative during study time.  I was also getting reports from the teacher that she would shut down in class and seem to be inflexible in learning the lesson.  This was a big red flag to us.  It appears if Rachel didn’t have the confidence to be successful in the classroom, she would just not participate at all.  To us, it wasn’t just processing what the teacher was teaching, it was her confidence to understand it along with the rest of the class.  If Rachel didn’t understand a lesson, she would be hard on herself and figured she would just shut down completely so she couldn’t fail.  At the ripe old age of 6, she didn’t realize that by shutting down, she wasn’t protecting herself, but hurting herself.

We were blessed to have a 1st grade teacher who loved our daughter very much and wanted more than anything for her to be successful.  Although she recommended her to repeat 1st grade, she suggested another option and encouraged us to hire a tutor to help Rachel.  She said that she has worked with many tutors in the past but there was one tutoring company she highly recommends – Precision Teaching.  She said their program is excellent.  She said the couple that runs the tutoring program will assess your daughter on many different levels.  The assessment not only targets a child’s weak academic area but also analyzes their response to when successful or challenged.  After the assessment, we discussed the results with Kerri.  It was clear that Kerri had her finger directly on the academic and behavioral problems and was 100% confident she could help Rachel.

During the last few weeks of 1st grade and the entire summer of 2011, Rachel worked with the group at Precision Teaching.  Rachel never argued with us about not wanting to go, she always seemed happy after each session, and she loved the rotating group of professionals that worked with her each and every day.  After the first 20 hour session she was reassessed.  WOW, the results were amazing.  She not only was mastering the language and writing rules she was struggling with, she was enjoying the new found knowledge that was continuing to grow.   After the summer, she was reading confidently at a 3rd grade level.  At home, she insisted on reading only chapter books.

Hiring Precision Teaching was the smartest decision we ever made for our daughter Rachel.  We are so thankful the 1st grade teacher recommended them.  Their tutoring approach is unique and highly effective. Rachel’s confidence climbed to new heights over the summer.  She entered the 2nd grade and landed on the honor roll.    We are so proud of Rachel and feel blessed to have found Precision Teaching.

Thank you Kerri & Ethan!  You expanded Rachel’s world in such a positive manner and we are forever grateful!


Scott and Danielle

(unsolicited testimonial from former client)