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Role of Reinforcement

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Consultation: Are you a budding precision teacher or parent looking to employ these techniques with your learners?  Need some direction and feedback to strengthen and sharpen your skills?  Need assessments and curricula to aid in your practice?  Check out our available packages to help you get started or enhance your precision teaching experience!


Courses: These courses are created for particular audiences.  Please attend to the labels of each course to see if it is suited for you.  For practitioners who are seeking courses to fulfill CEU requirements, additional "homework" will be required to receive your certificate.  Please attend to the homework specifics at the end of each course to ensure your certificate distribution.

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Role of Reinforcement

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Role of Reinforcement


When reading about Precision Teaching, the role of reinforcement is rarely mentioned.  While the role of reinforcement is undefined experimentally, it plays an important role clinically.  This class will explain three commonly used reinforcement systems utilized at predominate PT agencies.  It will be up to you to decide which one to adapt into your clinical practice (or which one to research!).   Jennifer Testa (formerly of Morningside Academy) and Tiffany Anino (Fit Learning) join Kerri in discussing these three reinforcement systems.

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The objective in Precision Teaching is to build fluent responding.  This fluency is obtained by shaping high-rate responding to optimal levels where fluency outcomes (e.g., retention, endurance, application) are observed.  It is through reinforcing such increases in frequency that shape up such responding.  Reinforcement plays an integral role in precision teaching clinically, yet the research around its role experimentally is yet to be solidified.  This webclass will address such gaps and the research that first attempted to fill the void.  Further, the webclass will address three predominate reinforcement systems being utilized by various precision teaching agencies: celeration goals, personal best, and K-schedules.  These reinforcement systems have been in place at multiple locations worldwide and have produced stellar outcomes with respect to learner performance.  This is not a presentation promoting the use of one versus another.  As such, an expert in each reinforcement system will present the systems’ benefits, limitations, and instructions of implementation in step-by-step manner.  Following this webinar, attendees should be able to implement each reinforcement system with a learner.  Further, the attendee will have sufficient information to select a reinforcement system that is appropriate for a specific learning objective, a particular learner, in a particular environment.  It is important to note that all three reinforcement systems are stellar and effective.



Behavioral objectives include:

1) review research involving reinforcement and PT

2) list three reinforcement systems utilized in PT

3) deliver a reinforcer based upon a X2 celeration goal

4) deliver a reinforcer based upon a personal best requirement

5) deliver a reinforcer based upon a K5 K-schedule


Attendance Procedure: active responding quizzes interjected throughout course – lack of participation or errorful responding will result in an incomplete course completion.


Course price: $100                                                Number of Type 2 CEUs: 2.0


Time: 1.5 hours of video/quiz completion, 0.5 hours of homework


Event Covers: Practice in Behavior Analysis, Education


Designed for: BCBAs, BCaBAs                        Level: Intermediate