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Essential Elements to a Timing

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Consultation: Are you a budding precision teacher or parent looking to employ these techniques with your learners?  Need some direction and feedback to strengthen and sharpen your skills?  Need assessments and curricula to aid in your practice?  Check out our available packages to help you get started or enhance your precision teaching experience!


Courses: These courses are created for particular audiences.  Please attend to the labels of each course to see if it is suited for you.  For practitioners who are seeking courses to fulfill CEU requirements, additional "homework" will be required to receive your certificate.  Please attend to the homework specifics at the end of each course to ensure your certificate distribution.

You must create a free profile on to access these courses.  When you purchase a course, be sure to enter the same email address that is affiliated with your Versal account.  You can access the course two ways: a link in the digital download file or an email invitation from Versal to join the course.  However, your link will not be activated until you receive the email invitation. This may take a few hours. You have 1 month to complete the course after receiving the email invitation.  Please email us if you need an extension.

Essential Elements to a Timing

Timings Image.jpg
Timings Image.jpg

Essential Elements to a Timing


Practitioners will learn the essential behaviors for instructors before, during, and after a PT timing to result in efficient and effective practice.

This course is designed for scientist/practitioners who are familiar with the Standard Celeration Chart and Applied Behavior Analysis.  Completion of this course with the added homework will result in 2.0 BACB CEUs. 

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So many behavior analysts have read about the essentials of Precision Teaching. They find value in the technology and want to incorporate it into their practices. Yet there seems to be a missing link between the written text and the actual application. Too many practitioners have sat in the chair with a client and felt completely lost, even after reading stacks of books and articles about PT. We believe that the trade "secrets" and best practices of experienced precision teachers need to be visually demonstrated to help disseminate our technology and an isolated workshop at a conference will not do it justice! In this webinar, Elements of a Precision Teaching Timing, we will focus on the key behaviors instructors need to engage in before, during, and after a timing to be both effective and efficient at shaping fluent performance.  The essential elements include engagement, reinforcement, prompts, and measurement. After this webinar, you will come to appreciate the multi-tasking, or rapid task-switching occurring while playing the role of a precision teacher.   


Behavioral objectives include:

1) identifying essential behaviors before a timing,

2) identifying essential behaviors after a timing

3) identifying behaviors following a timing.


Attendance Procedure: active responding quizzes interjected throughout course


Course price: $100                                                Number of Type 2 CEUs: 2.0

Course duration: 1.5 hours of video, 0.5 hours of course work/quizzes


Event Covers: Practice in Behavior Analysis, Education


Designed for: BCBAs, BCaBAs                        Level: Intermediate