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For students with an ASD diagnosis, insurance can cover the price of your student's tuition if your plan accepts ABA Therapy.  As of 1/13, we are in-network providers for Aetna and Cigna.  We can also serve as an out-of-network provider for many insurance companies as well (e.g., Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Tricare).  Please print, complete, and email our insurance form to see if your insurance will cover our services.  As a practice, we reserve a limited number of enrollments for insurance cases to maximize the quality of our service.


The best discount that you can receive is not waiting to enroll your student!  The more you wait, the larger the gap becomes within your child's learning, which will require a longer enrollment.  However, we do not want you to refrain from enrolling your student due to the tuition fees.  We understand that these are difficult financial times; therefore, we offer additional discounts to assessment and enrollment fees.

- Refer our services which results in an assessment:                $50 tuition credit

- Refer our services which results in an enrollment:                 $50 tuition credit

- Pre-pay in 1 payment by the first day of services:                 5% off tuition

- Multiple students/subjects

    - second student/subject                                                   5% off tuition

    - third student/subject                                                      10% off tuition

    - fourth student/subject                                                    15% off tuition

- Host an informal gathering at your home promoting our services to your friends and family

                                                       5% off tuition or 50% off 1 subject assessment

Assessment Fees

Each subject assessment includes an hour assessment with the student, a results table, an individualized learning plan specific to the needs of the student, and an 30 min meeting with the Director reviewing the assessment results and individualized learning plan. 

See our Assessment page to learn how to select the subject areas to assess and to try a sample assessment at home!

Each subject is $150.

Tuition Fees

Each student's enrollment is dependent upon the assessment results.  Typically, for students who are performing at or above grade level and are seeking advancement, we recommend the 20-hour enrollment.  Students who need remediation typically require the longer enrollments.  Each enrollment includes a reassessment of the targeted subject area at each 20-hour benchmark, a reassment meeting with the Director, and 2 make-up sessions.

20-hour Enrollment:  $2,000

40-hour Enrollment:  $3,600

60-hour Enrollment:  $4,800

80-hour Enrollment:  $6,000

Enrollments are dependent upon the assessment results and individualized learning plan.  Shorter enrollments are reserved for those students who simply want to advance beyond grade level, prepare for the SAT/ACT, or prepare for entrance to a challenging school.  Longer enrollments are typically necessary for those students who need remediation which requires more intensive instruction on how to learn.

Portfolio Review Fees (Homeschoolers)

1 portfolio:              $45

Portfolio of siblings:  $35/additional portfolio

For more information about homeschool evaluation, please go here.