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26837 Tanic Drive
Wesley Chapel
United States

Our Clientele

What students do we work with?

We work with students...

  • who are silly or serious
  • who are identified as gifted and talented
  • who want to advance quickly to move up in class/grade
  • who want to qualify for a challenging school
  • struggling in reading
  • struggling in reading comprehension
  • struggling in math
  • struggling in handwriting
  • struggling in writing and grammar
  • struggling in content courses (science, history)
  • with learning disabilities
  • with developmental disabilities (some pre-requisites may be needed for us to properly implement our program)

What about adults?

Yes, we work with adults as well!

We work with adults...

  • who need help with writing and grammar
  • who need help with math placement tests
  • who have reading comprehension complications
  • who want to get their GED


Who do you NOT work with?

We do not work with individuals who need help with a specific course (e.g., college courses) or want specific subject tutoring (e.g., European History).  If you often struggle in a content course, there are some underlying deficits that Precision TLC can identify and alleviate (reading comprehension, study skills, writing).  If you are typically a good student, but need practice solving derivatives, or do not understand the structure of the ancient Greek government, for examples, we are not for you.