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What a Year!

Kerri Milyko, Ph.D. BCBA

Happy New Year!  We first want to thank New Tampa and Wesley Chapel for making 2012 an amazing year.  With 2012 being our only second year in business, we have added to our small staff and are continuing to change the lives of the students that we work with!  We couldn't be happier.

We like to start with sharing the successes of our students.  They are the reason that we do what we do!  We recently ran a 20-hour math assessment with one of our 2nd grade students.  She improved on ALL targets on her reassessment!  She came to us counting on her fingers and is now saying math facts around 50-80 problems in a minute.  Further, she is able to tell time and count money values where she was unable to do that before.  Her parents told us they were seeing an improvement in not only her math performance but in her confidence as well after just 13 hours on one-on-one instruction!

During the fall, we also worked with a student with an Autism diagnosis.  He was pulled from his typical classroom to be with other special education students at his school.  We worked on skills targeting reading comprehension and appropriate classroom behaviors.  Although he still needed additional time to improve his reading comprehension, he was placed back into his regular classroom at the end of the 40-hour enrollment!

At the beginning of the year, we worked with a Kindergarten student.  It was very likely that he was going to be held back in Kindergarten and his parents were looking for a quick solution to prevent retention.  Before we worked with him, he knew 33% of his consonant letter sounds and 20% of vowel letter sounds while saying these sounds at a speed of 4 sounds per min.  At the end of 40-hours, he was responding at 100% accuracy and 60-80 sounds per minute!  Needless to say, before we started working with him, he was a non-reader and could not blend the letter sounds to form a word.  By the end of his 40-hour enrollment, not only could he blend words at 90% accuracy (78 sounds and words per min), but could also read short vowel words (a 1st grade target) at 67% accuracy (16 words per min).

We are so thrilled by our students’ continued progress that our staff has grown.  In addition to Dr. Kerri and Ethan, our staff included Elizabeth Hasbrouck, a master’s student at USF.  In the Spring, she was promoted to Case Manager where she supervises the progress of a few students as she completes her Master’s Thesis in Precision Teaching!  Further, we took on another USF master’s student, Victoria Hoch, as an intern in early September.  After 4 long months of a rigorous and exhaustive training schedule, she will begin Jan 2013 as our new independent instructor!  We of course had to get the approval of our students before we made it official.  Luckily, they gave her an A+ too!  We have now taken on another intern, Samantha Spillman, who is also a first-year master's student at USF.  Teaching others how to transform the lives of students in a profound way is something we enjoy, as you can tell.

This upcoming year is looking to be an exciting one for us.  We are finalizing the necessary paperwork to accept insurance for our services when working with students with an Autism diagnosis.  An announcement will be made once that is process is complete.  Further, we seek to extend our services to more private schools that do not have the resources to work with students who are not excelling in a normal classroom structure.  If your student attends a private school in the Tampa area and you would like for him/her to receive our services during school hours, please ask your principal, as we would love the opportunity to help.  Finally, we look forward to creating the opportunity and success in the lives of children in the Tampa area as we have been doing for the past two years.