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Kerri Milyko, Ph.D. BCBA

While on "vacation", Dr. Kerri and Jeff attended a 2-day workshop for organization business management last week.  This workshop was specifically designed for the Standard Celeration Society (SCS), the non-profit interest group that focuses on Precision Teaching of which Dr. Kerri is the President.  They learned how to create an internal blueprint of the organization, process maps, detailed and functional job descriptions, and how to manage projects.  Once Dr. Kerri and Jeff are able to build up the internal framework of the SCS, they can start to implement creative plans to help disseminate the science of Behavior Analysis as it applies to Education and the technology of Precision Teaching.  Further, they can implement these skills to Precision Teaching Learning Center!  We at Precision TLC are excited about the future and all of the possibilities and hope you are too!