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The Importance of Numeracy

Kerri Milyko, Ph.D. BCBA

The importance of literacy is never disputed.  To function in society, one must read and write.  However, the importance of numeracy is rarely mentioned.  Numeracy, or quantitative literacy, is the flexible ability to understand numbers and their relationships. 

At Precision TLC, we focus on building a strong understanding of numbers before working on larger, more complex tasks, such as multi-digit computation.  Through our component/composite model, we build the fundamentals, or components, that will strengthen the more general composite skill.  For example, components of the multiplication composite include 1) identifying numbers, 2) identifying symbols (x, =), 3) skip counting, 4) understanding the product (answer), 5) knowing the commutative property of the smaller numbers (3 x 4 = 4 x 3) and 6) knowing what each number in the problem represents (4 groups of 3 equals 12).

Luckily at Precision TLC, we have the luxury to focus on the components for as long as the individual student’s needs require us to strengthen numeracy. The curriculum advances only when the student is completely fluent with the components.  Furthermore, we only target those components at which the student is not masterful.  Everything that we do, therefore, is individualized to cater to each student’s needs.  This flexibility and individuality ensures that we build a strong numeracy repertoire with each math student. 

Parents, do not forget about numeracy!  Does your child know that 123 is smaller than 321?  Can you child skip count by 5’s beyond 100?  If you said that 10 is half of 20, can they tell you what that means?  If not, please schedule an assessment so that we can strengthen your child’s numeracy repertoire!!