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Summer is Coming!

Kerri Milyko, Ph.D. BCBA


Too Early to Think About Summer?  Never!

You must think that I am crazy to be talking about summer plans.  However, before you sign up your student for five summer camps, I want to throw out an alternate idea.  Enroll with Precision TLC to prepare your student for the fall! 

Many parents are hesitant to enroll their student because of schedule conflicts: the student gets home at 5pm and doesn’t have time for anything other than homework; the student is involved in some sport or dance after school; the student is just so tired after school.  Fortunately, these are no longer excuses come summer time!  The day is open with possibilities to have your child enjoy the summer, but still receive academic fulfillment to prepare him/her for the next grade.

However, I write to you now about the summer because the summer can get just as busy as the school year with all the added activities.  Visit our assessment page on our website to do a brief test at home.  If, from the test, you determine that your student needs an assessment, schedule one now to see if you student even needs our services over the summer.  If he/she does, all I will ask is an hour per subject, 3-5 days a week, so that your child will not fall behind the following year.  One to two hours a day is nothing in comparison to the 7-hour day to which students are accustomed. 

Thinking about a summer enrollment now and opening up a dialogue with the family is being that proactive parent I talked about last month!  Enroll your student when the schedule is open: do not wait until the last minute when your student brings home the C’s and D’s and has a full schedule because of baseball practice and a greater homework load.  In the summer, there are no more excuses to putting off the solid education for which your child needs.  Ensure he/she is successful in the following school year and enroll with Precision TLC.  Let us transform your student as a learner during the easy months of summer.