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Behavior Analysis: The Couture Approach to Learning

Kerri Milyko, Ph.D. BCBA

At Precision TLC, we mention how our services are different than the other learning centers out there.  However, the largest difference is that our practice is governed by the Science of Learning and the technology of Precision Teaching.  We have mentioned Precision Teaching in previous articles, but we want to spend just a minute on what the Science of Learning is and why your child benefits from receiving services from someone who is trained in this area of psychology.

Just last month, I defended my dissertation in Learning Science, or Behavior Analysis.  Florida is blessed to know a portion of Behavior Analysis with it being one of the states in the country to support Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children with autism.  Some of you may remember Behavior Analysis from a Psy 101 class that reviewed B. F. Skinner.  However, Behavior Analysis extends well beyond the basic studies of Skinner and autism. 

Behavior Analysis is the science of the interaction between and individual and the environment.  Although a simple statement, it packs a bit of weight.  “Individual” means that we are focusing on the whole person, not a diagnosis, not a letter grade, but the complexities that create each person unique and special.  “Environment” is all around us.  It is the classroom, it is what we eat, it is the lack of sleep we had last night, etc.  These are the conditions that we have more of a control over versus the biological or neurological ones that are often out of our reach.  “Interaction” means how that unique person with his/her own unique history relates to relationships, settings, events, etc. 

When we apply this approach to education, we are able to look at each student at a highly individualized level.  We are able to see how each student learns, where the strengths and weaknesses lie, and the best possible method to transform him/her into an efficient learner.  Therefore, each student has a distinctive individualized learning plan, regardless of his/her similarity to our other students.  We incorporate novel incentive systems and create unique curriculum that is specific to that one student.

Therefore, when choosing a learning center, think about the services that are provided.  Others may be cheaper than us.  Others may want to see your student for less time than we do.   However, we provide an unmatchable service with Ph.D. level expertise and intimate supervision that produces positive results every time.   We can make such claims because of our roots in Behavior Analysis – the science of the individual.  Its like buying a dress: you can buy one off of the rack and hope it fits, or you can get one made for you and know it was tailored just for you.  Although saving money on a dress is an easy choice, can you make the same risk when it comes to your child’s education and future?