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Be Proactive!

Kerri Milyko, Ph.D. BCBA

At Precision TLC, many of our clients are students who are falling behind in school or have been diagnosed with a learning disability.  Families are more inclined to invest in our services when the need becomes so great that they have no other option.  We also get families who have tested the services of our competitors, invested a significant amount of money already, and are at the end of their rope.  Their decision to enroll their student at Precision TLC is reactive: responding to the already established learning deficit.  However, Precision TLC encourages parents to be proactive: ensure academic success for your child by enrolling him/her early on in his/her academic career.

There are a few scenarios that Precision TLC can help you to be proactive.  At the very first signs of learning difficulty, call us!  Don’t wait to try various interventions that may or may not work.  Choose a service provider that is guaranteed to produce the results that your student needs and deserves.  At Precision TLC, we are able to advance typical students up to 2 grade levels in just 40-hours of one-on-one instruction.  Not one student has been unsuccessful at Precision TLC.

Additionally, the longer you wait, the more considerable the deficit will become and the more expensive it will be to alleviate the deficit.  If a student requires slight remediation, a 20-hour enrollment may be possible to meet our high standards of mastery.  However, if you wait and the gap between the student’s performance and grade level requirements starts to expand, the longer it will take to bring the student’s performance up to proficient levels. 

Precision TLC can also help you be proactive by working with your kiddo! Kiddos are our students between the ages of 4 and 6 and are required to learn so much that it is easy to fall behind.  We work with kiddos to prepare them with the essential foundational skills to ensure they are successful in the classroom. 

The 20-hour enrollment is very appropriate for kiddos.  Three, 30-min sessions a week makes a significant impact with the kiddo’s learning.  This enrollment ensures that the kiddo is prepared for Kindergarten or 1st grade.  When the student enters the 2nd grade, essential foundational skills are no longer targeted within the traditional classroom.   To be a proactive parent, you want to ensure that your kiddo is fluent with tool skills so that they can be successful in 2nd grade and beyond.

At Precision TLC, whether you are being proactive or retroactive, the first step is to schedule an assessment.  Following the assessment, you will meet with the director reviewing the assessment report and individualized learning plan.  During the meeting, you and the director will select the proper enrollment to meet the needs of your student.  The assessment will be re-administered at each 20-hour benchmark so that you can objectively and clearly evaluate your student’s progress.

Be a proactive parent to save both time and money and enroll your student today!