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Wesley Chapel office: off of SR 56

South Tampa office: off of MacDill & Gandy


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Welcome to Precision Teaching Learning Center

We are very excited to bring our services to the Tampa area!  With our expertise and training in learning science (Behavior Analysis), we are equipped to effectively and efficiently transform how people learn.  We are a unique learning center that provides behavioral services unlike any other learning center in the area.  Browse through our website to learn more about our methods and their benefits.


Who We Are

Precision Teaching Learning Center (Precision TLC) is a learning center supplemental to public, private, or home school.  Through focusing on core subject areas (reading, reading comprehension, math, writing) we transform how individuals learn.  Said another way, we target the underlying processes that control learning through the methods and measurement of Precision Teaching.  These methods then produce fluent responding that is accurate and effortless.  We do not offer homework help or content course tutoring.  However, learning deficits can often manifest as difficulties with independent working, motivation, or comprehension of a particular subject.  These situations are very appropriate for our services for which we can remedy.

Precision TLC not only utilizes the methods and measurement of Precision Teaching, but Direct Instruction (DI), Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM), and Relational Frame Theory (RFT).  Therefore, it is not purely a Precision Teaching center, but a comprehensive learning center that assimilates various behavior analytic approaches to skill acquisition.  DI allows us to systematically instruct students on new concepts in a short period of time.  Precision Teaching offers us our measurement tool and various techniques to practice these new concepts (e.g., behavior sprints).  RFT guides our practice in testing for untrained skills that emerge as a result of our current training.  Finally, CBMs allow us to evaluate our training according to grade-level standards.